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Project and Task Management Subscription for Amazon Sellers

Unlock unlimited projects, tasks, and cases for Amazon sellers with our specialized team and seamless platform. We’re a dream for solopreneurs and small teams seeking effective, high-quality operational support at a flat monthly rate.

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Custom Store Creation​

Launch your dream Shopify store with our custom creation service. Tailored to your brand and business needs, we offer bespoke store design, intuitive navigation, and a seamless user experience. From concept to launch, we ensure your store reflects your vision and appeals to your target audience.

Page Design & Development​

Elevate your Shopify store with stunning page designs and robust development. We focus on creating visually appealing and user-friendly layouts, ensuring each page resonates with your brand and enhances the shopping experience. Our development ensures smooth, fast-loading, and mobile-responsive pages.

Third Party App Integration​

Enhance your store’s functionality with seamless third-party app integration. We help you select and integrate the best Shopify apps to extend your store’s capabilities in areas like inventory management, SEO, marketing, and customer service, ensuring a comprehensive and efficient ecosystem.


Expand your reach globally with our Shopify internationalization service. We specialize in multi-currency setup, language translation, and localizing your store for different markets. Our approach ensures your store is accessible and appealing to a global audience, maximizing your international sales potential.

Support & Maintenance​

Keep your Shopify store running smoothly with our ongoing support and maintenance services. We provide regular updates, security checks, and technical support to ensure your store remains current, secure, and functioning optimally, giving you peace of mind and time to focus on your business.


Drive traffic and sales with our targeted Shopify advertising services. Utilizing platforms like Google Ads, Facebook, and Instagram, we create and manage campaigns that resonate with your audience. Our data-driven strategies aim to maximize your ROI and elevate your brand’s presence.


Streamline your Shopify store’s logistics for an optimal customer experience. We manage aspects like shipping options, order fulfillment, and returns, ensuring efficient and reliable delivery. Our logistic solutions are designed to enhance customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.


Find the perfect products for your Shopify store with our sourcing service. We connect you with trusted suppliers and negotiate favorable terms, focusing on product quality, pricing, and reliability. Our sourcing ensures a consistent supply of desirable products for your store.


Grow your Shopify store with our comprehensive marketing services. We craft strategies encompassing email marketing, social media, content creation, and influencer collaborations. Our goal is to build your brand, engage your target audience, and drive sustainable growth.


One Flat Monthly Fee To Cover It All

Spend less time working in your business, and rather work on your business by delegating to a team of experts. Never deal with seller support again, juggle multiple freelancers across timezones, or watch another Amazon tutorial or course!


Unlimited Projects, and Tasks

With Fussy Penguins, the sky’s the limit. Embrace the freedom to submit unlimited requests, manage numerous projects, and tackle any number of tasks or cases with ease. 


Rapid Turnaround Times

Time is of the essence in the dynamic Amazon marketplace. That’s why we guarantee fast turnaround times, ranging from 1 to 2 days based on the task’s complexity.


Wide Array of Services

From seller support to marketing and supply chain management, our extensive list of services means you have access to everything you need to succeed on Amazon, all under one roof.

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Joanie Wynn

Kona Earth

“I reached out to Fussy Penguins for assistance in setting up FBA for us. It was a great decision. They took the stress out of the process and guided us with their expertise. They are true “Amazon wizards” and I recommend them highly.”

Maureen Abood

Maureen Abood Market

“Fussy Penguins are experienced professionals who ask the right questions, take time to understand their clients’ businesses and goals, and are focused on moving the dial in a very methodical

Jane Njuguna


“Fussy Penguins has helped me… when I was having issues with major errors I had made… The speed of communication is tremendous… I can honestly recommend anyone looking to venture into Amazon that Fussy Penguins is the way to go!”

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48-Hour Turnaround Time, 1 Flat Monthly Rate

Get things done faster with Fussy Penguins. Our experts are ready to tackle all projects, tasks, and cases you assign so that your business can move quicker. Leverage expertise garnered through working with clients in many verticals, marketplaces, and using many business models.

1. Create a Request

Easily engage with your account manager at Fussy Penguins to make requests, ask questions, and provide feedback.

2. We Get To Work

The project or task is delegated to the relevant experts inhouse, along with your requirements. Once Completed, it will undergo our quality assurance process.

3. You Get Results

Whether it is resolving a case with Seller Central, or optimizing a listing, we welcome your feedback. Benefit from unlimited revisions and access to source files if needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does Fussy Penguins offer?

Fussy Penguins provides comprehensive project and task management services exclusively for Amazon sellers. Our services include listing optimization, PPC management, graphic design, and more, all aimed at helping you grow your Amazon business.

Who can benefit from Fussy Penguins?

Our services are tailor-made for solopreneurs and small to medium-sized businesses selling on Amazon. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to scale your business, Fussy Penguins is here to support your journey.

How does Fussy Penguins differ from other Amazon service providers?

What sets us apart is our subscription-based model that offers unlimited tasks with a flat monthly rate, providing you with predictable costs and scalable support. Our specialized team ensures tasks are completed with expertise and efficiency.

Are your services suitable for international Amazon markets?

Yes, our services cater to Amazon sellers operating in multiple international markets. Our team has the expertise to support your global selling strategy.

How does the task submission process work?

After subscribing, you’ll be able to submit tasks through our platform or directly to your dedicated account manager via Slack or email. We prioritize tasks to align with your business goals and ensure timely completion.

How does billing work with Fussy Penguins?

Billing is straightforward with our flat monthly rates. There are no hidden fees, and you can cancel anytime. Payment is due at the beginning of your billing cycle to ensure uninterrupted service.

What if I’m not satisfied with a completed task?

We aim for your complete satisfaction. If a task doesn’t meet your expectations, let your account manager know, and we’ll make the necessary revisions to ensure it aligns with your vision.

Is there a contract or long-term commitment?

No, there are no long-term contracts. Our services are offered on a month-to-month basis, giving you the flexibility to adapt as your business grows.

How do I get started with Fussy Penguins?

Getting started is easy! Simply contact us through our website, and we’ll guide you through the onboarding process. This includes setting up your preferred communication channels, understanding your business needs, and introducing you to your dedicated account manager.